Leukodystrophy is a rare, progressive, neurodegenerative group of diseases that affect the growth of the myelin sheath in the brain.  The myelin sheath is a protective coating surrounding the nerves and without the proper development of this sheath, brain signals and basic functioning is impaired.   Each leukodystrophy presents itself with a unique, yet related set of clinical symptoms arising from distinct gene mutations.  Raising awareness of these leukodystrophies is important to raising funds for studies of potential treatments and cures.  Public awareness helps reiterate the importance of prenatal and newborn screenings, as some leukodystrophies can present a slower disease progression when available treatments are performed prior to symptom onset.


Below you will find links to recent news articles and a list of most of the known leukodystrophies and their specific clinical traits.  As always, please see your doctor for proper diagnosis, possible treatments and prognosis.        

Learn about the exciting new developments in research, treatment and care.

Learn about the many forms of leukodystrophy.

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